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Sports Performance Training

Strength and Conditioning

Coach Jose is back by popular demand for the 2020-2021 season!

NORCAL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING  program delivers high-performance training for the athletes and  supervised by experienced  Coach Jose Aguayo CSCS. Volleyball requires the athlete to be able to have great reaction time as well as explosiveness. This explosive action of jumping to hit as well as block requires high levels of strength and power( speed and strength) as well the ability for the athlete to maintain control to execute with accuracy. Coach Jose Aguayo’s program prepares the athletes by strengthening the ligaments and joints by working on basic fundamental movements and mechanics in order to achieve the amount of work they will be exposed to in the sport to reduce and minimized the injury risks. 

NORCAL Strength and Conditioning emphasizes of developing a foundation, power and strength development, speed and agility, explosives, mobility and energy system development.

The strength and conditioning programs phases develop the athletes framework focusing on proper mechanics, alignment and activation and progressing the athlete into overall strength and power. It is recommended for the athletes to continue to train throughout the year within the Teenfit program and or continue with team training.

NorCal Volleyball athletes strength program will focus on basic strengthening techniques and injury prevention as well as improving the athletes overall athleticism. Norcal Strength and Conditioning program also focuses on developing the overall athleticism of the athletes by working on speed, agility, coordination and balance. 

The Program

The program is based on sessions selected with optimal rotation of movements, from acceleration mechanics, multi-dimensional, and top speed mechanics to strength ( squats, deadlifts, push ups etc) to power ( Olympic style lifting, plyometrics).

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