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Power League

NCVA Power League

To join a NorCal Power League team you must be selected at tryouts. Tryouts are in the summer for high school aged teams and in October for 14 and under teams. You can learn more about our tryout process by click here. Practices start in mid November and the season finishes in May or at Junior Nationals (if the team qualifies) at the end of June.

NorCal offers Power League teams for ages 11 and above. Each of these teams are highly competitive with the goal of finishing the season competing at Junior Nationals in early July. Teams can plan on practicing at least 2-3 times per week. Each team is performance based which means that an individuals playing time is determined by practice and tournament performance.

If a player attends practice regularly, works hard and demonstrates the ability to perform the skills necessary to play the game she will be given the opportunity to play. When given the opportunity to play, each player must bring to the court the skills that she demonstrated in practice that earned the playing time. If play in the game does not match her success during practice, then she must rededicate herself on the practice court.

This cycle can only lead to success for the team and the player. Playing time is at the sole discretion of the coaches as it relates to player performance and team strategy decisions.