Sand Program

NorCal Sand is back! The 2021 NorCal Sand Program will offer 2 sessions this summer that will include trainings, open clinics, and competition dates. The program will be coordinated and coached by Kevin Kramer (click here to view his bio) as well as feature a variety of sand volleyball coaches from the Northern California region. Each training will consist of a variety of skills and drills specific to sand volleyball, as well as competitive 2 vs 2 play.

Sand volleyball has been shown to have fantastic translations to the indoor game. On average you will touch the volleyball 2-3 more times playing in the sand then you will indoors. A few examples of skills that translate include defensive reading, decision making, an explosive approach, and greater control of serves and spikes.

By the end of the training sessions players should feel confident in the understanding of the sand game as well as its distinct differences from the indoor game.

Each session will be for three weeks, will contain 6 total trainings (2 per week), and include a NorCal Sand practice shirt. Sessions are open to boys and girls ages 11-18. We will separate the players by skill level to the best of our ability for training. Players should have at least one year of club experience for this program.

Session Schedule:

Practices during the session will take place on Monday and Wednesday nights from 4-6pm. All practice sessions will take place at the Iron Horse/Central Park Sand Courts.

  • * Session 1 – June 21st – July 7th
  • * Session 2 – July 12th – July 28th

Cost for NorCal Sand Program:

  • 1st Sand Session: $360
  • 2nd Sand Session: $360
  • Participation in both Sand Sessions: $700 total

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*please make sure your athletes high school graduation year is listed correctly in his/her account as that is how available programs are filtered