2018 NorCal Registration Night

For all those players who were selecte to be on a roster at NorCal, we will have a Registation Night on Monday, November 13th. NorCal Juniors Registration Night is the following night. Please bring your Acceptance Packet with you. Everything in your packet should be filled out completely except for the uniform order page since the girls will be trying the uniforms on that night. If you need a copy of your Reg Packet or a 2018 Club Handbook, please contact your coach directly.

Please meet your team and coach for a brief meeting at the following time and location:

5:45pm 12 Black in team room, 12 Blue in video room, 11 Black in study room

6:15pm 13 Black in team room, 13 Blue in video room, 14 Black in study room

6:45pm 14 Blue in team room, 15 Black in video room, 15 Blue in study room

7:15pm 15 White in team room, 16 Black in video room, 16 Blue in study room

7:45pm 17 Black in team room, 18 Black in video room

*NorCal Juniors Players will meet in the lobby at 6pm on Tuesday, November 14th